A 3-hour Workshop with a Maximum of 5 Couples (Usually Less).

Love Your First Dance!

It's your Wedding, it's your Choreography, it's your Choice:

We will give you a wide range of dance options to match the song you picked and together we will create a choreography that suits your style.

We will make it easy, fun and rewarding!

From Simple & Elegant

To More complex & Impressive...

How Does It Work?

You'll learn  a series of moves and patterns guarantee to impress.

A question we often get is "Will we all have the same choreography?"

The quick answer is no.

Because each couple has a different song you'll mix and match the patterns in different ways.

You'll also get membership to our online tutorial so you can introduce news moves if you wish and you can use the tutorial to practice right up until the wedding day!

We run Workshops nationwide