Wedding First Dance

Make your First Dance your Best Dance!


Let's Make your First Dance your Best Dance...Ever!

Let's Make your First Dance your Best Dance...Ever!

We specialise in dance classes and choreographies for weddings. 

95% of our clients have never been to a dance class before.

Our goal is to make sure that not only you will impress your guests on your big day, you will also impress YOURSELVES.

As you can see below we offer 3 options: Private class, workshop and online tutorial. If you choose the private class or the workshop you will automatically get a membership to our online tutorial.

The tutorial is what makes us so unique and so efficient. Learning starts BEFORE your class and continues right up to the Big Day!

3 Options:

You can learn in a private class with just you and your choreographer, in a small group or even online.

Pick the option that suits you best!

Private Classes

tailored to you

A 2.5-hour private class tailored to your requirements.

A week or so before your class we will send you our video catalog and ask you to pick a few moves and patterns you like.

During the class the choreographer will teach you a choreography based on these patterns.

After the class you will use our online tutorial to practice your choreography and make sure you don't forget anything. 

Get ready for applause! 



BUdget Friendly

A 3-hour workshop with a maximum of 6 couples (usually 5) participating.

You'll learn  a series of moves and patterns guarantee to impress.

A question we often get is "Will we all have the same choreography?"

The quick answer is no. Because each couple has a different song you'll mix and match the patterns in different ways.

You'll also get membership to our online tutorial so you can introduce news moves if you wish and you can use the tutorial to practice right up until the wedding day!


Online Course

convenient & Efficient

An online tutorial that you can access from anywhere at anytime.

Our tutorial is very thorough and covers a lot! 

You will learn everything you need to know to impress your guests on the big day.

It can be difficult to visualise how the tutorial works and how efficient it is.

So to give you an idea, have a look at Kevin and Jena's video below. 

Kevin and Jena live in the U.S.  They created and learnt their choreography solely with our online tutorial.

$79.95 per month

From Simple & Elegant

To More complex & Impressive...


Your Choice....

Kevin & Jena learned their choreography entirely from our Online Tutorial

our wedding dancers

From Simple & Elegant

To More complex & Impressive...


Your Choice....

Kevin & Jena learned their choreography entirely from our Online Tutorial

Meet Your Choreographer


Professional Dancer and Choreographer Sinead Gould known as "Bonnie Boux" in the arts world is an an award winning and passionate performer who loves to share her knowledge by teaching.

With over 15 years experience in dance Bonnie has performed and taught classes both nationally and internationally.

Bonnie likes to bring her free and warm energy into class to create an open and fun learning environment that will leave you feeling ready to own the dance floor.

Bonnie is looking forward to helping you create a magical dance experience for your special day.

Check when is the next available class.

We will also send you a video to get you started straight away!