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Wedding Dance Lessons


Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons Overview:

  • Designed for beginners - No dance experience required.
  • Taught in a single session, in studio, by a professional choreographer (approx 2.5 hours).
  • Our Online Tutorial provides support for clients by granting them access to the tutorial prior to the class. This allows them to prepare for the class and maximize their time with their choreographer. Ultimately deriving more value from their sessions. Moreover, they will retain access to the tutorial until their wedding day. Ensuring that they don't forget anything they have learned and can practice with confidence.

Your Wedding, Your Choreography, Your Choice...

first dance dip

We will give you a wide range of dance options to match the song you picked and together we will create a choreography that suits your style.

Whether you choose to take a workshop or a private lesson your choreography will be individualised. No two couples will have the same choreography.

Your dance teacher will make sure that you have the perfect dance routine for your special day and that you feel confident stepping on the dance floor. 

Not only that, but we can also guarantee that you will have lots of fun learning!

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Impress Your Guests!

2 Options:

You can get private lessons in studio or take a course online.

Pick the option that suits you best!

Private Lessons

tailored to you

2.5-hour Private Lesson 


Online Tutorial

1-  The Preparation:

You will be given a few simple exercises to do at home in order to prepare for your lesson with your choreographer.

2- The Lesson:

Your lesson will be 2.5 hours long. Just you and the choreographer.

3- Practice:

After your lesson you will need to practice.

You will be given access to our Online Tutorial where you will find recorded lessons of all the moves, patterns and techniques you learned with the choreographer.

Online Course

convenient & Efficient

4 to 6-Week Online Course

The course is lead by a choreographer and delivered through pre-recorded lessons.

You will learn exactly the same thing as with the other 2 options.

Your choreographer will follow you up for the entire course, offering advise, guidance and feedback through video analysis and chats.

You will be asked to send videos of your progress on regular bases.

The online course comes with a guarantee: Fully satisfied or money back!

At First Dance Academy, we understand the anxiety that can come with performing a wedding dance in front of loved ones. Our goal is to transform this nerve-wracking experience into a memorable and enjoyable one.

We provide private wedding dance lessons at our studios, giving you the opportunity to shine on your big day. Our skilled instructors will make sure you feel confident and comfortable while dancing.

Our team will assist you in selecting the perfect dance song and dance style to match, or work with a song of your choice. Whether you're looking to learn a few basic steps or a full choreography, we've got you covered. Our services cater to all skill levels, even those with two left feet.

bride and groom

Avanka, was absolutely amazing. We walked in with absolutely zero experience and knowledge (apart from the short time we spent on the modules) but we walked out with a really good understanding and confidence for our big day! We had such a great time, found it really intimate and will definitely be recommending to all our friends and family. 

Rachael and Tegan

wedding couple

We were both very nervous about our first dance but we wanted to do something nice.

Anthony was amazing, very relaxed but yet he got us dancing at a level way beyond what we were expecting.

We are very grateful! 

Caroline and Brian


Highly recommend First Dance Academy! We were dreading our first dance as we’re both very uncoordinated and so signed up for the one-day workshop. We received a fantastic online tutorial that went through the basics with us ahead of time and then met Jen for our workshop. She put together a gorgeous routine for us which looked a lot harder than it was. I was amazed we managed it but she was so patient with us and we left feeling confident we could do it on the day. Thank you so much for giving us that moment to remember!

Joanna and David

Our way of teaching has evolved over the years. We now use a mix of online lessons and face-to-face sessions with choreographers.

There several benefits to this:

  • It saves precious time. By looking at pre-recorded lessons and doing simple exercises at home you can drastically cut the amount of time you will need to spend with your instructor or choreographer. Not to mention commute time.
  • This will obviously lead to significant savings. In a face-to-face lesson, not only you pay for the choreographer's time but you also pay for studio time. Not to mention that commute again!
  • It also offers a lot of flexibility. You practice and learn at home at your own rhythm and at a time that is convenient to you.
  • By preparing before your time in studio, you will find that you will extract a lot more value of that time in studio. Use the choreographer's time for the complex stuff, not the silly stuff! 
  • No need to waste more time filming the moves and patterns during the lesson, it's already done for you.
  • No fear of forgetting anything, the lessons have already been filmed. 

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In rare cases however, we can take to up 48 hours for to respond to an enquiry.

Getting Ready for Your First Lesson

To maximise your time with us, we always recommend preparing for your lessons. This allows you to get the most from your practice.

Once you are booked in - we will send you some simple exercises to be done at home. We will provide most of this material in video format so you can follow along accurately every step of the way.

Tips for a Memorable First Dance.

For your first dance as a married couple, it's recommended to keep the performance under 3 minutes. This not only makes choreographing the dance easier and more manageable, but also ensures that your guests stay engaged and entertained throughout the performance.

However, if the song you've chosen is longer than 3 minutes, there are a few options you can consider. If you are using a DJ, you can cut the music using a free tool such as Audacity. If you have a live band, simply communicate your desired length to them.

Another option that's great for a smooth transition and adds some fun to the evening is to invite your wedding party to join you on the dance floor. This makes the event more dynamic and visually appealing, and it's easy to coordinate.

Stick to a plan

Besides learning your routine in the run-up to your wedding - you should have a concrete time where the first dance will be announced to your guests. You should also plan your entrance in advance - whether this will be taking to the floor together or meeting in the middle of the dance floor. 

Part of this plan will also clarify when the music will begin - for example, if this is before or after the couple makes their entrance onto the dance floor. Communication is the key to perfecting these little moments in the run-up to the first dance - ensure all parties and musicians are clear on their role at this point. 

Once your song is over - ensure you know your next move here. If your wedding party is joining you at this point - be sure this is clear to everyone. If you would like to take a bow and then signal to your guests to join you - make sure this is clear to all partners. We always recommend assigning a specific guest in your bridal party to make sure everyone is ready to take to the floor at the same time.

Know your venue - when visiting your venue be sure you focus on the ballroom and the organisation of the room. Will your guests be standing at one part of the venue or will they be spread out? These minor details will inform your routine and attention to detail is important.

Posture and Smile

Maintaining your composure regardless of what happens is the most important thing. We always recommend you continue to smile throughout your whole routine - this will not only make you appear calm but also help to actually fend off any unwanted nerves. If you are smiling with your shoulders back and head tall - this is half the battle - If you have been practicing the rest will fit together naturally once you have these basics covered. 

Spend Some Time Working with a Professional Choreographer

This is particularly important where your dancing experience is limited or you are nervous about your first dance. You would be impressed by what you can achieve in a short few hours with a dancing professional. Not only does a professional offer concrete dance tips, but also offers invaluable advice on staying calm and composed on your special day.

We understand taking a dance class could be uncharted territory for some couples - but not only is it a way to avoid feeling awkward or embarrassed on your big day - it also allows you to spend quality time together as a couple in the run-up to your wedding.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing your routine inside out is the surest way to have you feeling ready and confident when your first dance moment arrives. If you know the routine well - you can focus on enjoying the moment and staying present with your partner. Just a few minutes every day can help take the pressure off and can also turn out to be lots of fun.