Minimum criteria required

You will need to satisfy the criteria below in order to use our model:

  1. You are a dance teacher
  2. You have a website
  3. You have access to a dance studio or a private venue.

A little bit about us

Our umbrella company is Dance Nation. We are based in Ireland but have students and clients worldwide. 

Anthony Auffret, the company founder, is a dance instructor. He specialises in Salsa and Cha Cha. In 2004 he opened is first dance school, Salsa Nation, which he still runs, maybe more as a hobby than a business at this point.

We trade under several names as we offer a range of products and services:

  • Dancing Hen Ireland ( and Dancing Hen U.K. ( We offer dance classes for hen or bachelorette parties throughout Ireland and the U.K.
  • Wedding Dance Tutorial ( A online dance tutorial for couples getting married. Our client base is mostly in the U.S.A. but we also have students in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany...
  • Wedding First Dance ( We organise workshops and private classes for couples getting married. We offer these services throughout Ireland.

In Ireland and the U.K. alone we employ, subcontract or represent over 110 dance instructors.

Our proposal

We have been looking for a way to spread our love of dancing and teaching but we refuse to become administrators, managers, organisers, pen pushers... We are dancers and dance instructors. We want to continue dancing.

We have a beautifully simple solution! We are our offering like-minded people the chance to grow with us.

Specifically, we are talking about Wedding Dance Choreography.

  • It's a buoyant market: People are getting married all the time and more and more of these people want our expertise.
  • It's a lucrative market: It's a well know fact that services and products in the wedding or bridal niche command premium prices.
  • It's an easy market to target in relation to advertisement: the market can be targeted very precisely through Facebook ads ("engaged"), Google Ads, wedding website, local newspapers....
  • It's a very easy class to teach....because basically we have done all the work for you!

Here is how it works:

Visit and look at what we offer there, you will see that our clients have 3 options:

  1. Attend one of our workshops: 1 teacher teaches up to 6 couples at the same. The workshop is 2.5 to 3 hours long. The price per couple is €149 (roughly $170). Our workshops are usually full a couple of months in advance.
  2. Book a private class: The class is 2.5 hour and cost €279 (roughly $315).
  3. Sign up to our online tutorial: $79.95 per month or $299 for 12 months.

IMPORTANT: Note that if a client chooses option 1 or 2 included in the price is a 6-month membership to our online tutorial. EVERYTHING we teach in class is in the tutorial and a lot more too!

The membership of the tutorial is important for several reasons: 

  1. It increases the value and perceived value of our classes (option 1 and 2). We can charge a premium price for these classes and still deliver great value for our clients.
  2. The tutorial itself demonstrate what we teach and how professional we are in all aspects of teaching. It comes with dance demonstrations that we can use to sell our classes.
  3. The students don't need to film the class. Filming is such a waste of time! This is actually why we came up with the idea of an online tutorial in the first place. 
  4. Most importantly it is a fantastic support tool for the teacher delivering the class. We give our students access to the tutorial 2 weeks before the class and ask them to have a look at module 1 in their own time. The students are prepared so they get a lot of value from their time with us during the class. And of course, they will use it to practice their choreography right up to their wedding day.

How can we work together:

We propose that you copy our business model, i.e you will use our curriculum and offer private classes, workshops, and sign-up to the tutorial.

For option 1 and 2 (private classes and workshops):

We sell you sign-ups (a sign-up is 6 month access to the online tutorial)  so that you can use our tutorial and replicate our exact up and running and proven business model. 

We sell the sign-ups in bulk. The minimum you can purchase is 6 + 1 sign-ups. That covers a fully booked workshop: you will sign up each couple to the tutorial and the additional 1 is for you as you will obviously need it to familiarise yourself with the curriculum. 

The price for the 6 + 1 package is $290.

Additional purchases of sign-ups will be charged at $240 per lot of 6.

For option 3 (direct sign-up to our tutorial):

For each of your clients that chooses to sign up to the tutorial directly (rather than taking a "live" class), you will receive a 40% commission. This would be accomplished through a special link that we would provide you with so that our software can track the clients you are sending us.


How to get started - Risk FREE


Pick a date for a workshop in the next 4 to 8 weeks. Advertise it (Use this video if you wish: ).

Be sure to COLLECT A DEPOSIT to confirm booking (We require a €90 deposit, you could make it $90 but it's just a suggestion).

Once you have 5 or 6 confirmed bookings for your workshop, use a portion of the deposit you collected to buy your first lot of sign-ups.


Let's do the maths

 A workshop: 6 couples at $169 (suggested price) each = $1014. 

$1014 minus $290 (for the sign-ups) = $724. Not bad for 3 hours work!


We understand this is quite a lot of information to take in here today but the business model we proposed to you can be simply summarise in a sentence: copy what we do!

It works for us, it will work for you! We will be there to help you because your success is our success.