Wedding First Dance – Should we learn to dance?

A question we have heard so many times: should we learn how to dance for our wedding first dance?

Future brides and grooms are increasingly eager to make their wedding day unique to them - often relinquishing older traditions are incorporating some of their own.

The Wedding First Dance is a tradition that has stood the test of time.

This is because the first dance resonates with couples as a fun and meaningful experience.

It is most often your first encounter with your wedding guests as a married couple. And of course, it represents a symbol of love and happiness between newlyweds.

Not to mention that it is a great way to catch a few moments together as a couple on an often busy day. The first dance also marks the transition from day to night for friends and family. 

It's a fantastic way to bring guests together before the party celebrations begin.

The best part is - there are no hard or fast rules when it comes to this tradition.

The first question coupes often ask is if they should take lessons in advance of the big day  - and our short answer is YES.  

Honouring this tradition is doesn't have to be about learning extravagant dance routines. It can be it doesn't have to!

It could also be just brushing up on a routine that speaks to you as a couple.

Whether that is slow and intimate or spirited and upbeat, First Dance Academy is here to help. We will curate a moment that feels right to you.

If you like the idea of a first dance - but find the prospect a bit daunting - that’s where we come in. Have a look at the dance styles we specialise in.

Winging it is never a good idea, so preparation is key.

When it comes down to it, some couples do not want to dedicate countless hours and funds to learning elaborate dance routines. But a little preparation can go a long way!

This is why we offer several options and packages tailored to you.  We offer private lessons, group workshops as well as online courses.

Many couples have limited experience dancing together in a formal setting and therefore we recommend devoting some time to your routine in advance of the big day. 

It doesn't have to take a long time at all! Over 90% of our clients learn a stunning choreography in 3 hours or less!

Why learning to dance is always a good option:

wedding dance

Perfecting a dance routine for your wedding is much easier than you think.

No one anticipates couples will turn into professional dancers at the drop of a hat. But preparation offers subtle tips and techniques. 

These techniques will make your dance routine look seamless and organic without appearing stiff and over-choreographed.

You would be surprised how much you can learn over a short period, in an easy and enjoyable way. 

Once you get past the initial dread that may accompany dancing in front of a room of people, the first dance tradition can become an incredibly fun experience.

It allows you as a couple to set the tone for the rest of the evening and encourage other guests to take the floor with you. 

When you consider your lessons as a fun and relaxed experience instead of a chore - they become just that.

The bride and groom also often find their dance lessons a great way to spend quality time together amid the pre-wedding madness. 


Some practice will also make a bigger impression than you may realise.

Your guests will be engaged in your special moment and excited to join you on the dance floor. Preparing a routine also takes away any ambiguity as to when other guests are set to join in - ensuring a smooth and natural transition into the next phase of the evening.

Wedding guests consistently reference the first dance as one of the most memorable moments and always look forward to it as a high point of the day.

Hiring a choreographer or dance teacher.

Working with a professional choreographer can also help you choose the perfect song for you. 

The best wedding traditions are ones that capture the essence of every individual couple and showcase your personalities together. The song you choose is central to this. 

Hiring a professional dance teacher is mainly about creating a sense of ease for the newlyweds. It will enable them to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout.

Keep it simple.

It is not about reinventing the wheel. It's about focusing on you as a couple and building on your existing skillset to instil confidence and authenticity. 

Most of all, a little preparation will help cultivate memories filled with ease and enjoyment instead of ones of worry and angst that may infiltrate your whole day.

Nailing down a solid dance routine allows you to be fully present during this special moment. 

How to go about learning to dance in preparation for the big day?

Couples often feel overwhelmed in the run-up to their wedding - and this is no surprise given the countless choices and formalities surrounding modern weddings.

This is why at First Dance Academy we aim to provide a professional service in an efficient and relaxed way.

Regular dance classes, often offering courses 12 months in duration are time-consuming and often don’t cater directly to individual couples.

Go for specialised dance classes.

Specialised wedding dance classes are more desirable as they are tailored specifically to future brides and grooms. Packages are shorter in duration and maintain an exclusive focus on wedding dance choreography. 

We recommend taking private one on one lessons. This ensures the best service and streamlines the whole process to suit you.

first dance dip

Your skills, personality, and music tastes are considered in greater detail and always yield the best results.

Online Wedding Dance Courses

As much of our lives now move online - virtual dance classes have gained increasing popularity in the past few years.

This shift online has garnered huge success and the results speak for themselves. At First Dance Academy we offer specialised online courses that are efficient and straightforward.

All courses are led by professional choreographers. They include pre-recorded lessons, exercises to do at home, and feedback based on progress videos submitted. This is the most convenient option for couples with limited time and resources who still want to dedicate time to the first dance tradition. 

No matter your experience level, dance preferences, or music taste there is something for every couple looking to pull off their perfect wedding dance.

Our aim at First Dance Academy is to get you comfortable and confident.

We want to avoid any unwanted awkward moments. We want your first dance to resonate with you as a couple.

It is not always about over-choreographed routines but getting you in the right mindset to enjoy this meaningful moment with your other half.

Dance lessons can only add to your special day - you would be mad not to seize the chance. You can only regret not doing it, you will never regret taking the leap!