Here are our Top 5 Tips to create a beautiful Wedding First Dance.

While the run-up to your wedding day can be filled with equal parts apprehension and excitement - your wedding first dance has the potential to be the most cherished and fun part of your day. 

We have rounded up our top 5 tips to prepare seamlessly for your wedding first dance. 

1- Don’t leave it to the last minute! 

Your first dance is all about preparation.

Leaving enough time to formulate and practice a dance routine is the best way to avoid stress and panic in the lead-up to your big day.

We recommend preparing between 2-4 months before your wedding date.

Preparation is less about trying to perfect an intricate or complex routine than it is a way to get comfortable and confident performing with your partner.

The more you practice, the more confidence you can build up and feel truly ready to enjoy the experience when the moment comes.

There are many facets to the first dance tradition, such as, choosing the correct song, ensuring you know your routine, and making sure your DJ or live musicians can perform your song properly.

Leaving these decisions to the last minute can lead to feelings of overwhelm in the lead-up to your wedding, which is not what this tradition is intended to convey.

Preparation in the form of taking professional choreography classes, playing your song on repeat, and regularly practicing at home can all help to offset those nervous jitters and make you feel fully prepped when the big day rolls around.

2- Take your time when picking the song for your Wedding Dance

Wedding songs and music

We always recommend making your song choice a top priority and advise you to do this at the beginning of the process.

Deciding on a song at these early stages takes gets some of the hard graft out of the way as your song will allow you to set the tone for the style of dance you will ultimately perform.

Some couples prefer to choose a song that is more energetic and, naturally, this will render your routine more dynamic.

Bear in mind - if you choose an upbeat song with a quicker pace - this means your finished product may be a routine with bigger faster dance moves. We suggest you choose a song or genre both partners are comfortable with. Don’t feel the pressure to take the conventional route or to focus your search exclusively on traditional first dance songs. Read this article for more on How to Choose the Right Song for your Wedding First Dance.

3- Take dance lessons

Enrolling in specialised professional dance classes is the most effective way to develop your skills and feel comfortable as the day approaches.

Many people may not have danced in a formal setting for years, if ever, and working with a professional choreographer is a sure way to feel prepared and confident on your wedding day.

How many classes you choose to take is normally down to each individual couple and the expectations they set for their first dance - at First Dance Academy we offer clients a range of options to ensure their dance lessons match their aspirations for this tradition.

You don’t need any former dance experience to take lessons in advance of your wedding.

Couples maintain chemistry and connection on a day-to-day basis - but transferring that bond onto the dance floor is where a professional can add polish.

This will ensure your wedding first dance is as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Dance classes in advance of the big moment will help you add your personal touch to this cherished tradition. 

4- Practice your choreography… and be sure to have fun doing it.

You don’t want to carry an air of dread with you into your routine - and the best way to avoid this? Practice, practice, practice.

Regular practice, even outside your professional classes is the surest way to add polish and appear confident throughout your routine.

It also enables you and your partner to get comfortable dancing together and create an aura of relaxation and ease between you.

Play your song on repeat around the house and get to know it inside out. This is a great way to revise every beat in your head and avoid any missteps. Familiarising yourself with your chosen song will help maintain a sense of calm.  

Even when practicing at home - always take deep breathes and continue to smile. Breathing helps you to fully focus on the present moment. As your nerves will be heightened on the big day these small tips will help you quell any unease you may feel. 

Most of all, have fun while practicing your routine. If you have fun practicing at home - you will carry this sense of peace and fun with you on the big day. Practice will also help maintain a focus on your new spouse throughout this special moment.

5- Keep the details of your first dance a secret from guest

If you want to maintain a wow factor on your special day, we always advise keeping your first dance routine a secret.

This includes the song you have chosen and your private lessons.

This tactic will wow guests and keep everyone present during your big moment.

When guests have no idea what to expect from this moment - they will be sure to be impressed by your song choices and dance routine.

This also fully engages your guests, inviting them to share in the moment. As the first dance often (but not always) marks the transition to the party celebrations guests will be eager to join you on the dance floor at this stage of the evening. 

Keeping the wedding dance secret

By implementing our Top 5 Tips for Your Wedding First Dance you will be sure to create a choreography that will impress your guests on the most important night in your life!